C1 Parking

It is located next to the transport interchange and the main road to the Ufa airport.

Service Price* in RUB
Short-term parking
up to 30 min 50
up to 60 min 100
up to 120 min 150
up to 180 min 250
Long-term parking
per day (for more than 3 hours) 300
from 10 days 250 per day
from 30 days 200 per day

*Payment for short/long-term parking is charged for each full and partial hour/day in accordance with the established rates.

Other fees

** RUB 500 fine can be applied in case of loss, breakage, damage, non-return of the Parking card.

In case of usage of the automated Parking complex in violation of the rules of the Parking complex C1 RUB 500 will be applied.

** Issuance of a damaged (non-working) Parking card is technically excluded. Parking card can be issued by an automated Parking system to the User in good condition only. Parking card is considered to be damaged by the User in case of technical impossibility of reading information from this Parking card due to its mechanical damage (fracture, puncture of the microchip, etc.).

e-mail: parking_С1@vip-ufa.su


For more information, please call: