Dear passengers and vehicle drivers!

If you plan a short-term visit to the airport by car (to see off or meet a passenger), please read the useful information which is located below in the Information on short-term visits to the airport section.

If you need a long-term parking, please pay attention to the B and C Parking areas.

If you are a representative of a taxi company or other carrier, please read the special information.

General information

At Ufa International Airport there are 7 car parking areas at your service located in three areas as you move away from the terminals. The closest to the airport terminals is Sector A (includes the entire landside area). The Sector A consists of A1 Parking area (it’s a driveway and passengers’ embarkation/disembarkation zone), A2 Parking (opposite the terminal 1) and A3 Parking (opposite the terminal 2). The Sector A is focused on short-term stays. Access to the car parking lots is through the A1 Parking area.

Please be advised, parking in A1 area is prohibited!

Entry to and exit from the A1 Parking area is via the automatic parking system terminals. To pass it through you need to get a Parking card (press the “get a card” button) in a special stand located to the left side of each barrier. The numbering of driveways begins on the right side of the entrance barriers. The full text of the rules for using the parking complex of JSC Ufa International Airport.

Price list for the services of the Ufa International Airport car parking complex

In the Sector B, at a distance of no more than 150m from terminal 2, there is a long-term B3 Parking.

Sector C is located at about 300m distance from the airport terminals and there are long-term C1, C2 and C4 Parking areas and a short-term C5 Parking area for those waiting for the flight. All parking areas operate on “twenty-four-seven” basis.

Phone numbers (only for A2, A3, C5, and A1 Parking areas):

Information for short-term visits to the airport

We offer two options for drivers visiting the airport to pick up/drop off passengers:

  1. 2 hours free of charge: Use this scheme to get to the automated C5 Parking area while waiting for the flight. At the entrance to this Parking, you must get a Parking card (press “get a card” button). The 2 hours waiting period is free of charge, then the rate 100 rubles per hour will be applied. Upon arrival, wait for the passenger to enter the landside area, then leave the C5 Parking, and go to the A1 Parking area (the airport’s landside area), for embarkation of the passenger. For passenger’s disembarkation, we recommend to use the A1 Parking area, without visiting the C5 Parking.
  2. Superior comfort: Enter the A1 Parking area at once (to enter it, you must get a Parking card by pressing the “get a card” button). After that move in the main stream, there is A3 Parking area opposite the terminal 2 and opposite the terminal 1 there is A2 Parking. You can enter the desired parking lot by using the previously received parking card. An hour of parking will cost 100 rubles. The airport terminals are located directly opposite the Parking areas (a distance of about 70 m). Rates for each Parking are posted before the entrance and exit of the Parking area. Parking for disabled persons is free. We also recommend that you pick up/drop off passengers inside these Parking areas.
Special information for disabled people

Persons entitled in accordance with Federal Law 181-ФЗ to free parking in special places for disabled people can drive directly to the A2, A3 Parking areas where special parking places for disabled people are organized. For a free exit, you must contact the administration of the car parking complex with the provision of relevant documents. It is possible to contact the administration of the agro-industrial complex of JSC Ufa International Airport through the driveways to parking lots, as well as by calling: +7 (347) 229-55-76, +7 (917) 495-13-25. For special assistance to disabled people and other passengers with disabilities, please call: +7 (917) 435-53-56.

Information for vehicle drivers engaged in commercial passengers transportation

A special transport infrastructure area has been created and is functioning at Ufa airport. It is intended for passengers to disembark and embark in taxis and buses. We kindly suggest you to acquaint yourself with the Rules of usage of special transport infrastructure at JSC Ufa International airport.

Information for legal entities who carry out the meeting and departure of organized groups

Please pay attention to 2.2 clause of the Price List for JSC Ufa International Airport car parking complex services.

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