Coordination procedure

Visit «For rent», «Glad to cooperate» sections to get acquainted with current rental offers.

Send your offer and contact details by an official letter on letterhead (scan) to the airport’s Non-Aviation Commerce Service at

The employees will contact you to coordinate the date and time of your visit to the airport to see the spaces for rent.

Prepare a visualization of your intended business at the airport and send it with your presentation and a set of documents* to the airport.

Your application will be reviewed within 14 days and you will receive a response. Upon receiving a positive response, the agreement approval procedure will be launched (about 10 days).

Any offers related to alcohol products are not considered!

Due to the excess number of businesses the following applications are not considered at the airport:

  • catering in any format;
  • snacks and drinks vending;
  • honey, souvenirs, and food trading.

We will be glad to receive offers on LUXURY goods, watches, jewelry and haberdashery trading.


  • Company charter.
  • Certificate of registration of legal entities.
  • Certificate on State Registration of the Legal Entity.
  • State Register Extract.
  • Authority for the signatory (order for the Director or power of attorney).
  • Client details form.
  • For individual enterprise — a passport scan.

Articles 1–5, 7 — scan in PDF format. Article 6 — any of the formats (doc, docx, txt, rtf).


Non-Aviation Commerce Service:

Complaints about the services please send to the following e-mail: