"Polymed", LLC (medical examination at the airport

Medical examination can now be performed at the airport. 

POLYMED has started functioning at our airport. Services are provided by the airport's partner company "Polymed", LLC (medical license no. LO-50-01-011648 from 21.01.2020) under the "Fastest" brand. 

Now passengers of the airport and residents of the city have access to a wide range of medical tests with home visits or directly at the airport. The list of laboratory services includes 1500 analyses that can be ordered at a convenient place and time. The medical service works around the clock. The results come by email, most of which are within a day. 

The service also provides transcription of tests and consultations of doctors online. In addition, airport visitors can undergo PCR or rapid testing for the presence of coronavirus infection with the results obtained within a short time. More information about the services can be found on the company's website. 

Operating hours: Terminal 1, 09:00 -21:00